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Taimo couchtisch Taimo möbel
Taimo couchtisch Möbel
  • Tabletop: Multiplex/Linoleum

  •  Stand: Ash white oiled

  • big Ø: 95 cm; hight:42 cm

  • small Ø: 74 cm; hight: 38 cm

The Ta-imo coffee table was inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of wood bending.


The frame is made of solid ash wood.


After being heated in a special steam chamber, the wood can be bend to a round angle.


The special feature is its innovative construction method: three identical bent legs can be

connected to each other and to the tabletop and form a self-supporting unit.


The panel can be manufactured in different colours.    (to color chart)


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prize on request

Taimo Couchtisch

Ta-imo in solid ash


Exhibited at the Villa Metzler in Frankfurt.


Shelving system and daybed "micado" by Marthe Marie Schliephacke.

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